Interview to DJ Cachete!

February 28, 2023


Vancouver has a great offer of clubs that almost everyday organize salsa night.

DJ Chachete at a laptop playing music

1. If You’re your own worst critic… This is what you can do.. Watch yourself in a mirror or videotape yourself; and see what you like or don’t like about your salsa dancing and change it…

2. Always is good to be up to date with your dancing. Sign up for a class or take a workshop to learn some new moves or to help improve your technique…

3. Do you Want to add a little more style to your dance? Take a styling class or a private class with an instructor whose style you enjoy watching.The other choice is to purchase a styling videotape.

4. Are you having problems to dance on time to the music? Simply take a music workshop class, rhythm class or ask your friends to help you “listen” to the music.

5. A good way to improve your dancing is to find someone who loves to dance as much as you do and become practice partners to learn new moves…

6. If you can’t find a partner, Don’t worry who needs one… learn new moves from a videotape or class and set aside one night a week to practice at home in front of a mirror…

7.You never refuse a dance without good reason and if you promise to dance with them later, you remember your promise.
Salsa Clubs in Vancouver

Do you like Latin music like Salsa Bachata and Merengue?

Vancouver has a great offer of clubs that almost everyday organize salsa night. To be always updated for the latest events check Vancouver Latin Fever In this web site you can find the schedule of the week, and a selection of clubs and bars with all the information you may need. Among the selection, some of the best are:

Studio Records Tuesdays Salsa: This club is located in the middle of Downtown Vancouver. Come and take the complementary Salsa Lesson at 9pm and get involved in the Salsa Bachata world. 1180 Granville St. is the address.

One of the most amazing venues for Salsa in Vancouver. The Club has a very appealing Modern international environment that makes  a visit there, an unforgettable experience. It is open every Tuesday night for Salsa  dancing. Read more:Vancouver Salsa venues

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