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- Close to 76,000 Latin Americans with permanent residency currently live in the Lower Mainland and thousands more are in the region with short term work visas or attending to different schools.

Salsa dancing in Vancouver


1. If You're your own worst critic... This is what you can do.. Watch yourself in a mirror or videotape yourself; and see what you like or don't like about your salsa dancing and change it... 
2. Always is good to be up to date with your dancing. Sign up for a class or take a workshop to learn some new moves or to help improve your technique...
3. Do you Want to add a little more style to your dance? Take a styling class or a private class with an instructor whose style you enjoy watching.The other choice is to purchase a styling videotape.
4. Are you having problems to dance on time to the music? Simply take a music workshop class, rhythm class or ask your friends to help you "listen" to the music.
5. A good way to improve your dancing is to find someone who loves to dance as much as you do and become practice partners to learn new moves...
6. If you can't find a partner, Don't worry who needs one... learn new moves from a videotape or class and set aside one night a week to practice at home in front of a mirror...
7.You never refuse a dance without good reason and if you promise to dance with them later, you remember your promise.

Salsa Clubs in Vancouver

Do you like Latin music like Salsa Bachata and Merengue?

Vancouver has a great offer of clubs that almost everyday organize salsa night. To be  always updated for the latest events check  Vancouver Latin Fever In this web site you  can find the schedule of the week, and a selection of clubs and bars with all the  information you may need. Among the selection, some of the best are:

Studio Records Tuesdays Salsa :  This club is located in the middle of Downtown Vancouver. Come and take the complementary Salsa Lesson at 9pm and get involved in the Salsa Bachata world. 1180 Granville St. is the address. 

One of the most amazing venues for Salsa in Vancouver. The Club has a very appealing Modern international environment that makes  a visit there, an unforgettable experience. It is open every Tuesday night for Salsa  dancing. Read more:Vancouver Salsa venues


Salsa FridaysLux Lounge : Salsa Fridays 1180 Howe St. :: The New Era for Salsa dancing in Vancouver.. New Venue, Energy, Sound, Passion.. Don't miss it..!! A rotation of Dj's, Salsa shows and much more.. Your host for the Event will be Hugo Porras Dj Cachete and Friends

Vancouver Salsa Wednesdays 560

Salsa 560 Wednesdays

Salsa in Vancouver will Never be the same After 560

FIVESIXTY is a premier live venue & event facility in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Just steps away from the Vancouver International Trade and Convention Centre, major hotels, the business district and skytrain and ferry terminals. This is the perfect place for Salsa dancing in Vancouver

  • 28,000 Square Feet: 5 Rooms, 3 Distinct VenuesSalsa 560 Vancouver wednesdays
  • 5 Full Service Bars
  • Catering Kitchen
  • 20 Bathroom Stalls
  • Coat Check
  • Over Sized Entrance/Arrivals Area with Ticket Window
  • 3 State of the Art Turbo Sound Systems
  • 15 Visual Projections (including 120ft visual wall located in LIVE)
  • 3 State of the Art Dance Floors & Theatrical Lighting Systems
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Outside Smoking Area
  • Central AC/Heat
  • Staging
  • Fashion Show Catwalks
  • Green Room/Artist Lounge
  • ATM/Credit Card Machines
  • Full Catering Service
  • Beverage Packages
  • Entertainment/DJs/Live Bands/Dancers/Performers
  • A/V Technicians & Operators
  • Lighting Operators
  • Sound Engineers
  • 560 Seymour Street Vancouver, BC
  • Central Point of Access Between the Vancouver International Trade and Convention Centre, major hotels, the Business District, Gastown, Yaletown and skytrain and ferry terminals.

Vancouver Salsa Tuesday @ Studio Records

Vancouver Salsa Tuesday


Vancouver Salsa Tuesday

911 Salsa Tuesdays w Dj Cachete 

Joes Apartment - 919 Granville StreetVancouver BC
Every Tuesday night at Joe's Apartment we are hosting the most fun Salsa event on Tuesdays.
Free Salsa lessons at 9pm with one of the Best Salsa Instrctors in Vancouver Diego Sanchez (Grupo America).
Complementary cover Charge before 9:00 pm. After 1/2 price with the pass print.
This is the most popular Salsa Night in Vancouver running for almost 14 years in Vancouver playing the best selection of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and more. Vancouver Salsa Tuesdays



Salsa in Vancouver

 Salsa scene in Vancouver is growing every year

The Vancouver Salsa scene is a relaxed, friendly gathering of salsa enthusiasts. It's an opportunity to practice stuff you're not totally confident about yet, learn some new moves, and meet other salsa dancers of all levels. There are several venues in the City some of them are studios or Bars. 
Some of the salsa dancers show up for every night; others occasionally. Dancers of all levels attend, from beginners to professionals, and everybody dances with people of every level.
We change partners often - usually with every song - so you get to dance with people with a wide variety of styles and abilities. You don't have to bring a partner; there are lots of people to dance with. Women are encouraged to ask people to dance.
Vancouver Latin Fever has 3 Salsa nights during the week Tuesdays at Joes Apartment, Wednesays at 560 CLUB and Fridays at the Encore Dance club and 2 Latin Events Fridays at Red Room And Saturdays at Lux Lounge.
There are other venues and regular events during the week like Mondays salsa Practica, Saturdays Duello or Fridays at the 505 Ballroom.
Several choices for Salsa dancers in the City of Vancouver 
Admission to this events normally is between $15.00 to $5.0.

Salsa Vancouver Interviews

Definition of Salsa

We can define Salsa as a Latin American dance that emerged in Cuba and Puerto Rico due to a lot of african rhythm influence from the slaves the spaniards brought over. It consists of a lot of hip movements, fluid transitions and intricate footwork.